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View BoB Overview TutorialWhat is BoB?

BoB enables all staff and students at Anglia Ruskin University to choose and record any broadcast programme from 60+ TV and radio channels. The recorded programmes are then kept indefinitely (no expiry) and added to a growing media archive (currently at over 1 million programmes), with all content shared by users across all subscribing institutions.

BoB should be useful to those needing to use TV and radio programmes, plays, films and music for teaching and learning, in particular those studying and teaching arts, performing arts, media, business, history, science and technology (including sports science) etc.

The user-friendly system allows staff and students to record and catch-up on missed programmes on and off-campus, schedule recordings in advance, edit programmes into clips, create playlists, embed clips into web resources, share what they are watching with others, search a growing archive of material, plus more. Discover more about BoB National features by viewing our video tutorials.

New key features added this year include:
  • the addition of all BBC TV and radio content dating from 2007 (800,000+ programmes)
  • over 10 foreign language channels, including French, German and Italian
  • an extended 30 day recording buffer - more time to record missed programmes
  • a new look website, improved navigation
  • Apple iOS compatibility - watch BoB on handheld devices (Please note only programmes that have been added since 2014 will be viewable on a handheld device)
  • searchable transcripts


  • BoB is not available outside the United Kingdom
  • BoB operates under a specific licence offered in the UK so you must ensure that you comply with the licence terms and conditions
  • Licensing arrangements currently do not include programmes produced solely by the Open University. However, some programmes produced jointly by the OU are on BoB. If you wish to have a copy of programme produced solely by the Open University (for which an annual fee is required), please discuss with your subject team
  • BoB is a streaming service and the licence does not allow copying or downloading. If you would like a DVD as back up for class viewing, please contact your subject team.
  • BoB doesn't work fully on Internet Explorer 9, which is installed of many of the on-campus student computers. With IE 9 you can search the database and watch programmes but not set up recordings.
  • Only programmes recorded after the upgrade will be viewable on Apple iPads
  • Do not use the citation tool on BOB as this does not match the Anglia Ruskin Harvard Referencing standard.
  • For more help see the BoB FAQ page


  • You can access and view programmes through the Digital Library on and off-campus, but you must be registered as a Library member
  • Login (using your University Login) first on the University Library website so you can access all our subscribed resources and services
  • Type box of broadcasts in the Library Search box (and press Return)
  • Box of Broadcasts should appear as the first result
  • Click on View Online - this should open Box of Broadcasts (BoB) in a new window
  • First time users (or those using for the first time after the change to University login) will need to click on New User and add your details to the Account Settings page; just your email address is sufficient
  • You may see a Where are you from? box (left of screen), if so, begin typing Anglia in the box, then click on the university's name and Go to login

BoB services

Searching the Archive:
You can access programmes, playlists and clips created in BoB by other UK university staff and students.

You can search the programme archive for TV and radio programmes either by title or subject and add any programme to your My BoB.

If you can't find what you're looking for consider experimenting with your search terms and/or using refinement options.

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View Recording TutorialRecording a Programme:
You can select (schedule) TV and radio programmes to be recorded from an Electronic Programme Guide of over 50 free to air channels which will be broadcast over the next seven days. You can also retrieve programmes broadcast in the last seven days from a selected range of channels.

Once you have selected/scheduled a programme, it is added to the archive and your My BoB area. When it is available for viewing*, simply click on the programme title to view.

View the Recording tutorial for help on recording.

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Note: You can select/schedule up to three recordings per day. In most cases you will find that the programme has already been scheduled (normally shown in green in the seven day schedule), or if it is a repeat it may be in the BoB archive. If you need to make more recordings, please email your subject team.


You can playback recordings over the Internet, which means you can access them wherever you have an internet connection. Programmes are viewed or streamed in Flash video in a web page - in a similar way to BBC's iPlayer™.

*Note: the programme will not be available immediately – it needs to be converted from the original broadcast format into a format which can be played in your web browser. This may take up to eight hours or more at peak times. Your programme will be made available in My BoB when it is ready to view.

My BoB:
You have your own profile and area within BoB which enables you to access a recording you have requested or added from the archive; to make and store your own clips to play in lectures/seminars; and to store playlists of your favourite broadcasts and/or clips.
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Note: The first time you use BoB, you may wish to change your username in BoB. To do this, go to My BoB and then click on Preferences and change your username to a recognisable name. This can just be your Anglia Ruskin University e-mail address.

View Creating Playlist TutorialCreating Playlists:
Playlists of programmes and/or clips can be created and stored in My BoB. These can be shared with other BoB users and searched by others. These can be embedded within a VLE or a presentation – instructions will follow shortly. See FAQs for general advice.

View Creating Clips TutorialCreating Clips:
You can create clips from programmes. First find your programme and click on the Create a clip link below the player to reveal the clip controls. Bob Icon
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Note: Embedding clips - You can link to programmes on BoB (e.g. from PowerPoint). Start by viewing your video or audio clip in BoB and copy the URL from your browser's address bar e.g. Use this in preference to the 'embed links' function.

Further Help

More detailed information about the service can be found in the BoB Users' Guide FAQ at

Short tutorial guides are also available at

For further help and advice on using BoB, please contact your subject team.