What is My.Anglia?

My.Anglia is your new personalised portal and the new name for Anglia Ruskin's intranet, providing you with a personalised and easy to use single point of access to University data and information. It is a successor to Anet and the homepage for all Open Access student PCs

Information on the front page includes e-Vision timetables for students, emergency messages, links to key documents, as well as the ability to search Library pages directly via the My.Anglia page.

  • Access is restricted to Anglia staff and students
  • Logging on to a computer around the University campus will log you in automatically to My.Anglia
  • Students will have a link to their Anglia Ruskin email, they will not need to log in again.
  • Students will still at the moment be required to login for WebCT and Placements

Am I able to log in to the site off campus?

If you access My.Anglia from outside our University (eg your home computer), you will be prompted to log in.You will need to enter Anglia\ before your username (eg Anglia\abc123).

Can I use My.Anglia if I have Firefox or Google Chrome?

Students who utilse a different web browser (eg Firefox, Opera, Chrome etc),will be prompted to log in. To do this you will need to enter Anglia\ before your username (eg Anglia\abc123).

I've forgotten my password

If you can no longer remember your password then you will need to reset your password using the Anglia Ruskin password manager.

Find out more

The link below provides further information about the My.anglia website. Click here