IT Information for Partner Students

Staff at your college will provide you with your Anglia Ruskin University login details. You will need this to access online library resources that we are able to make available to you.

You will also need it to log in to e-vision (in order to access your results, and sometimes as part of the process of handing in assignments).

IMPORTANT - Password Manager

It is essential that you set up your security questions on Password Manager as soon as possible - this will ensure you have no delays in future when you need to access e-vision.

Set up Password Manager now at

Your password expires once a year. If you do not reset your password in time, then you will need to answer the security questions you created in Password Manager in order to reset your password.

If you do not set up your security questions and your account expires, you will need to contact us for an account reset - this will mean a delay in accessing e-vision and in getting your results or handing in.

Contacting us

If you do experience problems in accessing Anglia Ruskin University accounts, you can contact us by:


Telephone: call us on +44 (0) 1245 684357.

Before contacting us, please ensure you have as many of the following details as possible:
  • Your Anglia Ruskin University Student ID number (a 7-digit number)
  • Your Anglia Ruskin University username (your initials followed by several numbers)
  • Your date of birth
  • The first line of your address
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