What is the LibQUAL+ survey?

Our regular survey is one of the ways we measure the quality of our library services. LibQUAL+ is a Web based survey tool which uses the Gap Theory of Service Quality to ascertain what our users expect from the library service as well as how they perceive the quality of service received. It was developed for the University Library sector by the Association of Research Libraries (ARL) and has been used by 1,200 libraries around the world.

The survey measures your perception and expectation of library service quality in three areas: service, information provision, and the physical building. You are asked to indicate the minimum service level you will accept, the desired service level you expect, and the level of service you perceive to be currently provided. This design means we can analyse gaps between expectations, perception, and minimum acceptance level of service. There is also an opportunity to comment on any part of our services.

The last survey conducted using LibQUAL+ was between 1st - 30th November 2018 - as we analyse the results you can read more about this and previous surveys at our LibQUAL Results page.
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