Printing/copying options and charges

A4 black and white (5p); A3 black and white (10p); A4 colour (25p); A3 colour (50p).

You need sufficient credit on your account in order to print or copy. Credit can be added through the Printing Web Payment.

All services relating to printing/scanning/copying are provided by Anglia Ruskin Print Services. They also provide other printing options on campus e.g. larger paper sizes, laminating, and binding. Your faculty may also provide their own printing facilities.

Sending documents to print

'Student-Printer' should be selected as the default printer when you are logged into any computer within the library or open access area.

If you want to print in colour or have the printer staple the document, you will need to select this in printer properties.

If you want to print from your own device, there are several options available:
  • Use the remote desktop (which effectively allows you to log into a library computer via your own laptop)
  • Use the web printing service
    • Log into
    • Click 'Choose File', select the file you want to print, and then click 'Next'
    • If you want to print in colour, double sided, or multiple copies, click 'Advanced'
    • Click the 'Student-Printer' button to send the document to the printer (you may need to wait a few seconds for the document to finish processing before this button appears)
  • Email the document you want to print as an attachment to from your student email account
  • You do not need to put anything in particular in the subject field
  • You will not be able to print double sided or in colour using this method

Collecting documents from the printer

Documents are ready for release from any printer in the library or open access area after being sent to 'Student-Printer'.

To release a print job:
  • Log into a printer by scanning your ID card against the orange sticker or typing your usual Anglia Ruskin username/password.
  • Press 'Print'.
  • You should see a list of document you have sent to print. You can press on them to select them individually, or press 'Select All'.
  • Press the blue button to print the selected documents. You can delete selected print jobs by pressing 'delete'.
  • Log out once you have finished (by pressing the 'Access' button).
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