Networked printers are located in various areas of the University Library or PC open access areas.

To print from an open access PC simply choose print from a program in the normal way. This will send the document to the printing system. Nothing will be printed until you are ready to collect - then simply tap into any student printer in the area your are working using your Ruskin Card and select your print requests on the screen.

In brief:
  1. Before you send a job to print, you should check your print account balance. If you do not have enough money on your account, your work will NOT reach the printer.
  2. Submit your document to Student-Printer on The-Print-Server
  3. Tap your Ruskin Card on any student printer
  4. Select Print from the menu on the display
  5. Select the job you would like to release from the printer screen
  6. Press the Start button on the printer
  7. Remember to logout by pressing the Access button on the printer
  8. There is an option to delete your print requests at the printer. All print requests not collected within 4 days will be deleted.

Every student is automatically given a printing account and the usual way to pay is by topping up your print account online. You don't pay at the printer.


To top up your printing and photocopying account online go to There is a minimum credit of £1 and you need to register your credit card on the system. There are also kiosks in the Library and open access areas where you can top up with a credit/debit card


To check your print account balance:
  • If you are logged into an Open Access (library area) pc you will see a "£" sign at the bottom right corner of the screen. If you double click this icon, a pop-up in the middle of your screen will appear stating your current balance.
  • Or simply log into one of the money loader machines located in the Open Access area using your Anglia Ruskin username and password, this will tell you your current balance.
  • A4 Black and white printing costs 5p per side.
  • A4 Colour printing costs 25p per side.
  • A3 Black and white printing costs 10p per side.
  • A3 Colour printing costs 50p per side.
  1. Navigate to in your web browser and log in with your username and password
  2. Choose a file for upload and press Next
  3. Wait for your print job to be processed by the system - it will be displayed on the page when finished
  4. Click on the Advanced checkbox to select number of copies, double-sided or colour
  5. Click the Student-Printer button to submit your document for printing
  6. Follow the usual steps to release your print job by tapping your Ruskin card on any printer and selecting Print
  1. Send your file as an attachment to and it will be ready for collection at any student printer momentarily. You do not need to put anything in particular in the Subject field.
  2. Your document will be submitted using the default settings of single-sided black and white. If you want to be able to change to duplex or colour, please email your file to and navigate to where you will be able to change these settings before submitting the document to Student-Printer.
Note: if you send a document from an external email address like your personal email, you will be asked to use your ARU short-form username to associate it to your account.


To print your cover sheets you need to log in to the e-Vision system.

Once logged in please go to the student page and follow the link 'Studies' (on the right hand side at at the bottom of the page), and the Coversheets (New).

Follow the link to take you through to the coversheet that you require. Click on 'Coversheets'
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