The Anglia Turnitin®UK is an internet-based platform which supports the text matching and assessment of submitted documents. It is used to help students to develop their good academic practice in writing.

Submitting work to a Draft class will create a report which shows where sections of text in the submitted assignment matches with text from other assignments submitted to Turnitin®UK, internet websites and journals and newspapers. This report is called the 'Originality Report' and the text matches will be shown in different colours on the student's assignment.

Academic staff use the GradeMark feature of Turnitin®UK to assess suitable submissions (those that are appropriate to submit to the Turnitin®UK system) and to provide feedback to students.

When a student makes their final submission, Turnitin®UK will automatically create an originality report.

Some courses require students to submit written work to Turnitin®UK before handing their work in to the iCentre. If this is the case this requirement will be made clear in the module guide.

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