Instructions for searching Dawsonera with JAWS

  1. Go to the Dawsonera page
  2. Hit Jaws key and F7 to go to the Links list
  3. Hit the 'f' key until you get to 'Find in my library'
  4. Go up two items using the cursor key. You will now get to an item that will read 'Abstract / ' and then the filename, which is a number of at least 13 numbers. This is the download button - it doesn't have a proper alt tag unfortunately. Now hit Enter.

  5. This now brings up a 'message box' style window that JAWS doesn't recognize as being there and doesn't announce. You can still get into it to press the 'download' button within it.

  6. Hit Jaws key and F5 to bring up the Form Fields list.
  7. Hit the 'D' key to select the 'Download' button and hit Enter.
  8. This now selects the 'Download' button in the message box. You can hit Enter to start the download.
  9. When you've done this the notifications box will open in Internet Explorer. You can press Alt-N to enter this box, and then choose Open, Save or cancel. You many be familiar with using this box already but I've included instructions anyway.
       a. If you choose Open then the PDF should open directly into Adobe Reader, which at first displays a message box telling you about the Digital Rights Management on the PDF - this box is accessible so doesn't pose a problem.
       b. If you choose Save it will save the file into your Downloads folder and a new notification box will appear. You can hit Alt-N to switch back to this and select Open, Open Folder, or View Downloads using the tab key.