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You can ask us something, or get help with a problem, or issue.
If you have a comment, compliment or concern, Tell Us about it
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Here's the small print that you'll want to read if interested in our process of feedback.

How do we get feedback?

The University Library gathers feedback from customers in many ways (for example, our blog, and via questions people ask).

Every two years, using the Association of Research Libraries LibQUAL survey methodology (which is used internationally by all sorts of libraries) we ask all our customers for their perceptions and opinions. This gives us a very rich picture of our customers' perceptions of our service, the latest one was 2016.

Annually we will analyse wider surveys which the University takes part in such as the National Student Survey, Postgraduate surveys etc.

We also receive feedback daily and comments from other interactions, such as face-to-face at our helpdesks, online, in the wider University community via Course Committee meetings, comments on our superb Subject Guides, and so on.

If you just need help with any aspect of the University Library, stop reading this and contact us online or phone us +44(0) 1245 686555. It's been a long time since we received a letter, but our website lists our addresses.

What do we do with this feedback?

Initially it is gathered and read by our User Experience & Quality Coordinator who will then enquire of the relevant team members the best response. If it is deemed to be something that needs someone at a higher level to be aware, it will be passed to one of our three Library Assistant Directors who head up the divisions in the Library.

Then it's coded to ensure we can spot trends quickly (and can compare issues over time).

How long does it take?

The university standard for answering queries is 5 days but we're pleased to see that normally our turnaround is within a day, depending on the complexity of the question or comment.

What if you want to make an official complaint?

Initially it's best for all of us if we can resolve problems directly between us, but sometimes it may be necessary to take things further. If this is the case, the latest Rules, Regulations and Procedures for Students outlines exactly what to do.

What happens to your personal data?

Anglia Ruskin has a very transparent policy on this stuff and we follow that.
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