E-books published by Pearson

Alert - e-books published by Pearson

We are aware of some problems with access to e-books published by Pearson. These problems unfortunately are out of our control.

Why is this?

Pearson have changed how they license their e-books to universities. For some titles, this means that only one user can read them at a time.

What can you do if you can't access a Pearson e-book?

We advise you to:
  • download the e-book to read offline (where this option is available)
  • wait a while and try accessing it later
  • check readinglists.anglia.ac.uk for other resources recommended by your module leader, and search the website for other resources on the subject
  • if it's a key text for your module, you are strongly advised to purchase your own copy

How will this be resolved?

There is no easy solution to this problem, but the University Library is collaborating with colleagues at other universities to lobby the publisher. In the meantime we are working with members of faculty to identify alternative resources for students to use.