Library materials for print disabled students

We can get accessible electronic copies of reading list materials for those with a visual or print impairment.

Module Leaders are responsible for liaising with us to find more accessible alternative reading.
For more help contact us via Ask us

Step 1 Do we have a suitable e-book or e-journal article*?
Search to check

Step 2 Is it available as a digitised extracts available via ReadingLists@Anglia or via a VLE module? If it is not accessible these can be emailed to the student.

Step 3 If we do not have an e-book, we may be able to purchase one. Contact us.

Step 4 If we cannot buy an e-book use the digitisation service for a digitised copy* of a chapter of the book. This will then be available for all students via ReadingList@Anglia or it can be uploaded to your VLE module.

Step 5 We may be able to get a PDF from the publisher for print disabled users. Contact us.
Please note that:
  • The publisher may only provide a digital copy if either we or the student owns a print copy of the title.
  • Older titles (published prior to 2000) may not be available.
Step 6 If the publisher is unable to provide an accessible copy, you may request transcription of print material through a Transcription Service which could be a variety of formats (not just a PDF). The Faculty pays for the transcription of core reading, so we advise choosing an alternative title to support inclusive practice.

Wider Reading:

The British Library can provide accessible items for those with a visual impairment. Our Interlibrary loans team can help with placing a loan: Email: Please let us know the format you need when making a request in the free text note box.

* Please note that not all digitised documents and e-books will be accessible. Digitised documents may require additional work from a Transcription Service.